How I visited Oslo, Norway for 300 USD

In January of 2016 I visited a very cold Oslo, Norway. As with every trip that I decide to take I always see the cheapest way to get an amazing experience in that particular city. Oslo in January, just saying that will make some people cringe. Traveling is something that is not supposed to be easy. It is eventful, fun, challenging and worth it.

I started my New Year off right I was relaxing at home surfing the web as usual when I received a notification. Skyscanner, from London Stansted to Oslo round trip for 30 USD! Granted this was during the week, as anyone would be I was a bit skeptical. Why was a flight so cheap round trip? Ryanair being the usual low budget airline I had always expected it to be a little pricier. Then it dawned on me, the weather! Despite that I could not pass up the offer. Thus comprising our first total of 30 USD.

In the week leading up to the trip I really got into looking at places to stay and sights that I must see. This was the most difficult part, being a hostel guy it was the first thing I was ready to find. Hostelworld, for two night in Oslo near the city center a perfect 50-70 USD a night hostel. The Anker Hostel had average amenities, this not being a major concern due to how short notice my booking was.

Our grand total is now at around 141 USD.

Now that you have made it to your destination you have a whopping 158 USD. For two days it really does not seem that much. Keep in mind that you are traveling on a budget! It is very important the way you spend your money. For example, maybe not grabbing that candy bar that you see in the kiosk.

If you are looking to spend more than 158 USD over the course of two days I say do it. You only get to experience places one to two times in your life. This where it becomes important to make your own experiences.

With all that in mind I arrived at Oslo Rygee Airport (closed in 2016) in the morning and was a bit confused. With the airport being closed the rest of the information will still apply to the other airports located in Oslo, Norway. The specific transportation might differ but the cost will be around the same if not less. The airport was nowhere near the city center which made me a little nervous. I am in a country that I had never been before and just landed 50 minutes away from my desired location. Now in my head I am thinking, breathe this has to be normal, look at everyone else on this plane with you. After I got through passport control I found myself speaking to a very nice Norwegian lady. She spoke to me about how to get from Oslo and back, flight times and what I had to do and when. After we decided on the right bus for me to take it was go time I was finally on my way to Oslo city center. The ticket round trip being 30 USD, this was a very cheap mode of transportation taking into consideration the distance.

New grand total 171 USD

Now I was finally in Oslo and looking at my bank account seeing how much money that I had spent this far. PAUSE, one quick recommendation that I would make if you are driving to the airport use the parking provided by the airline it will always be cheaper.

Walking to the hostel it was definitely colder then I had originally expected. I highly recommend bringing your jacket and long sleeves if you are planning to go in the winter. Now in the city I dropped my bags off and set off exploring, day light was limited but I was still able to see as much as possible. There is a ferry you can take to visit the Viking museum or a night walk through the snow covered park. All of these things are dependent on what you would like to do. My personal favorite was walking along the water watching the sunset. It is not every day you get to see a beautiful sunset in a Scandinavian country.


Despite the cold there are a ton of amazing attractions for all ages. These range from Akerhus Fortress (former prison), Norwegian Cultural museum and the famous ski jump. I will leave a link below with the top 10 things to do while in Oslo this will give you a good guide and place to start.

REMINDER: it is not bad if not all are achieved on this list, see the attractions that interest you.

With all that being said Norway can be a very expensive country if you are not careful. I am by no way telling you how to plan your complete trip. I do however want you to understand the cost of this amazing country and how detrimental it can be on the wallet you have in your pocket.

If you have any question on other items regarding Oslo, shoot me an email and I will be free to answer anything.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Travel Tip #1


When traveling through Europe especially, it is very important to understand public transportation. Personally, I recommend researching as much as possible on this topic before you arrive in your destination. This can be the difference betweenspending 20 euros on a taxi or 3 euros on a metro ticket.

When giving a tip I will always try to give an excellent example to follow it. Ultimately the example will have happened to me or someone I am very close with. This is what I like to call trial and error!

More tips to come!

If you have any tips you’d like to see shoot a comment over!


13/02/17 #Berlin

Back in October of 2016 I had a completely memorable trip, seven countries and two weeks to do it. Flying from London it was only a short spot to the first destination Berlin, Germany. A place with an amazing history and wonderful people traveling living and being themselves. I had such high expectations for a place that I’d only heard stories about. The beer, food, sites and people, all having something to offer. A place where dreams come true!

I arrived early in to Berlin Schoenefeld airport and really didn’t know what to expect. I am very big on getting into the country without having a plan because life will always work itself out. I had book the hostel the night before and it was rated pretty high on Hostelworld which is very trust worthy. (I will make another post on the hostel which I would recommend staying at) Every time you arrive in a country you that speaks a different language then you it becomes a challenge to find where you are supposed to stay. It was very straight forward take the S Bahn right into the city. This comprised of finding the ticket machine understand the foreign language buy the ticket and get on the train. All of these things seem so easy and self explanatory, but all us travelers understand the real truth of that.

After the 25 minute train ride I arrived at the hostel that was very roomy. I had been up a long while and needed rest. But with every traveler it turns into a mission rather then a time to relax. It really hit me where I actually was when I captured this picture.

berlin wall.png

I instantly knew that this was going to be a trip for the ages and it really hit me the meaning behind what I am actually seeing. I walked along that wall until there wasn’t anymore to see. After passing the wall I decided to go back and relax a few hours in the hostel to mingle and look at the things the hostel is putting on. Which there was a lot about one each day either a tour or a pub crawl.

While I was pondering on what I should do I ran into my roommate from a Spanish speaking country (not going to give away peoples identities). We had got to talking and we all decided to go into the common room to have a drink. There we met people from Australia, Asia and The United Kingdom. It was amazing! Just from sitting and hanging out for one hour we had met a wonderful group of people that were traveling on their own just like us. In these type of situations you do not realize the amount of people that are around the world doing the same thing as you.

From there we talked about our experiences, places that we were going next and what we what we had planned for the rest of time in Berlin. We went out that night and it was a night I will remember for the rest of my life. I visit these places and I have come to realize that dreams can be made anywhere as long as you let them.

Those people that I met we traveled together the next day all around Berlin. The English girl spoke German and was pretty much our tour guide. The look on everyone’s faces was impeccable; you know people for less than 24 hours and we live like we knew each other for many years.

Berlin has amazing sights and wonderful things to see but coming back from a trip you’ll remember the people because they create the atmosphere for the experience.


The beginning

This is the post excerpt.

As with most things in this world there has to be a start, with that start it has to be somewhere. In this blog I will update three to four times a week discussing my travels, how to be explore on a budget and my own personal experiences.

I am 21 years old living an absolute dream, I work a lot but on my time off I seem to travel as much as possible. Currently, I have been to over 30 countries most in the European region but plan to expand that later this year.

When I began traveling I was not really sure where to began or let alone the countries that I should visit. Where do I stay? A hostel or AirBnB or maybe even a hotel. These were all things that I needed to take into consideration when I started planning my amazing adventure around the world.

But with any good blog you’ll need to know a little bit about me so you can be able to connect and see my type of lifestyle and how I like to travel. I was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington just on the outskirts of Seattle. I did a lot of traveling with my parents while living in the United States, all of the west coast some of the east cost and Texas. At the time I really couldn’t take in what traveling meant to me. I was really able to meet amazing people or explore on my own with absolutely nothing holding me back. Then from there I ventured out into Europe and this blew my mind. There are so many different cultures and a ton of history all complied into one. Instantly I fell in love with taking planes and seeing new places.


Above is a picture I took over the 2016 summer in Budapest, Hungary while the bridge was closed due to construction.

I choose to put that picture in the first post because it has a deep meaning to the entire travel experience. When you go out and stay in hostels you meet so many new people that you wouldn’t ever dare to come across by staying at home. This is why I love traveling! From networking, seeing sights and building friendships that last however far you go apart.

In the coming months I will be blogging while on my trips, sharing reviews and many of my inspiring photos.

Stay Tuned!